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  • Saturday, May 24, 2008


    Thanks for visiting our donation link. Your interest in this site and our ministry is a real encouragement to me. I want to share with you why we are providing you an opportunity to donate to us.

    1st—giving is a natural response when one receives something that is meaningful to them and meets a need. I hope the contents of my site will be an inspiration to you.

    2nd—Having been out of the pastorate these last few months has stretched our faith and drained our limited resources. Although we are working contract-type jobs, it just isn't enough to meet our obligations. So, any amount you sense God leading you to give would be greatly appreciated.

    At this time we are not able to receipt you but hope to be set up as a non-profit organization in the future which will allow us to provide giving reports for your tax purposes. Donating is done through Pay-Pal, and is 100% secure and private.

    In His hands,
    Pastor Jim

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